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10 Things to Know for Today

Glenn242 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 9:09 AM
11. Watch for tea party arms and legs sticking out from under the GOP bus.
Welcome to the New America, free of greed and bigotry. Yes, free of the tea party.
"We want respect. We want the president to talk to us. We want to negotiate." Ahahaha.
And so, the GOP is set to neuter the tea party. I can already hear Ted Cruz's voice rising.
Oh, please, tea party. Don't defund Obamacare. Pfffttt.
It's been fun, folks, but I have to run. Work. Someone has to pay for the "hard working" posters here who somehow manage to be on this site day after day, hour after hour. Enjoy your government checks. And be kind to the undocumented workers who are paying for your years of idleness.
I take it that you and your wife don't constitute "most tea partiers." Typically the tea party members are elderly and non-workers. Or what remains of the discredited group.
It was a remark in connection with quoting me for something I wrote in January. I did not mean your weight, exactly.
The Washington Post, a few weeks ago. I'll have to look it up.
What are you, an elephant?
No. That is not true. This is the lie repeated again and again by the Fox folks. If given a choice (not merely a yes/no option), most people either support it as is or are willing to give it a chance to fix it.
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