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The Clarity of the Obama Sequester

glenn183 Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 4:07 AM
Obama is doing his very best to make this difficult. His own GAO say the government wastes 125 Billion per year - much more that the sequester. Is he doing anything about that? He _said_ he would cut waste but does nothing. Don't believe me? Check the official schedule. He does virtually nothing - and still manages to foul everything up. I guess it's a talent.

President Obama's sequester -- he designed it, he demanded it, and it is about to kick in -- will have many consequences, some bad, some very helpful.

On the negative side, Stars & Stripes reports that Department of Defense officials are exploring how to collapse the school week to four days at some schools on military bases that serve the children of our troops. This is an incredible admission of the president's indifference to the troops he leads. As he has played politics for the past four months since his re-election, he has used the military and its personnel and families...