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Obama's Truthiness

Glenda14 Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 2:43 PM
And if they are capable of pulling all of that off (and I have believed they did from day 1) what else can they and are they prepared to pull off? I do not think they will allow Obama to be beaten in the election. I believe they have more in mind for him to "accomphlish" first, there are so many ways he can destroy the Great USA still and why stop now? He is a vile and evil person and there is too much power behind him that is much more vile and evil. I am shocked that there are people out there that still think he is the Messiah, that he is doing a good job, that they want another 4 years of him.

It's becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.

This is hardly a shock about any politician, but revelations of dishonesty hurt some more than others. Announce that Bill Clinton has been speaking falsely, and it hits the ears with as much force as the news that birds fly, fish swim and dogs lick their own nether regions.

But Obama was supposed to be different. He was a "lightworker," an ocean tamer and cynicism slayer. In short, he was supposed to be too good to be true -- and it turns out he...