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The Single Reason for Not Reelecting Barack Obama

glenbo02 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 1:37 AM
In your way of thinking, if we can call it that, those taxpayers who paid for those roads and all the other infrastructure and later opened a business didn't built it by themselves, although they've already paid the price. Good thinking. For a proglodyte.

If you recognize the name Shel Talmy, you’re a true rock ‘n’ roll aficionado. He was the original producer of The Who and The Kinks. Producing just one of these legendary bands would in itself make him legendary – two makes him monumental. He was there when Ray Davies sang You Really Got Me and Roger Daltrey sang My Generation.

Mr. Talmy walked into my office one day. He wanted help collecting his royalties for all those timeless songs that he helped to shape. After decades in England, he had just moved back to the United States, and, when I...