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Ryan: This is not Even Close to What a Recovery Looks Like

gkelly Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 2:46 PM
It doesn`t matter if smack a liberal in the head with revenues under Reagan went from 599 billion to 1.2 trillion, that it led to investment that Clinton (tech boom) benefited from and a Republican Congress balanced the budget, why didn`t the Dem Congress allow Reagan to balance the budget? That record revenue increase was spent and then some, welfare never had it so good. Reagan got it done, deal with it, if you were there, you know. Clinton didn`t have to raise taxes, but with a roaring economy like that, even a tax hike couldn`t totally slow it down. Marginal tax rates under Carter: 45% Reagan: 28% result-economic growth, revenue in govt. increases. The problem this time, the workforce capability.