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Israel is not afraid of Iran attacking it with a nuclear bomb, but it may be afraid of Iran surpassing it technologically. Could this be why it wants the U.S. to impose more economic sanctions to cripple and stifle Iran? If Iran is smart it should quickly cut the nuclear deal the U.S. wants -- and then go forward to actually become the technology powerhouse Israel really fears.
We should not set our clock back centuries to accommodate the Muslim mindset or lack of understanding of basic concepts of individual freedom. It is they who should bring their ideas up to speed and in pace with the modern world. The Muslim leaders should, therefore, continue to educate their citizens on the ways of other countries; that people elsewhere are free from their government to worship the God they want, and free to offend the God that others worship; that this is how it must be if religious freedom is to have meaning -- protection is not needed when others agree with you. Moreover, Muslim leaders should explain that forcing others to honor Prophet Mohamed can be deemed as forcing them to some extent to adopt the Muslim religion itself. As others cannot impose foreign religious etiquette on Muslims, neither should they impose their reverence of Prophet Mohamed. It is imperative that Muslims learn the workings of individual freedoms so that they can harmoniously play their rightful role in the 21st Century.
Targeting and thwarting an ongoing investigation is no small matter as it undermines the essential fact finding function of our judicial system. "At the time of Mr. Perry’s veto last year, prosecutors in the unit had been investigating a state agency called the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. The agency — one of Mr. Perry’s signature initiatives — came under scrutiny by state lawmakers after accusations of mismanagement and corruption; a former official there was indicted last year for his handling of an $11 million grant.” This can be deemed as an effort “to thwart the investigation into the cancer-research agency” -- it shows he was "trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason."
There’s no weighing of air strikes. The logistics are already in place to do it. And fast and furiously.
The most effective sanction is isolation and Russia earned it all by itself. The market will impose it on its own. Anachronistic fools. Just when it seemed safe we could do business, you scared everybody away again.
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The Evil Empire Strikes Again

gkafantaris Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 12:21 AM
The best sanction against Russia is economic isolation -- and the market will take care of that on its own. Anachronistic fools. Just when it seemed we could do business, they hurried up and scared everybody away again.
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