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Sorry, if one lawsuit was thrown out, the other one will inevitably be thrown out as well. There was nothing illegal about the executive amnesty - the only difference between Obama's and the amnesties given by the last 8 presidents is that this one was done by a half-black man.
Except the last one destroyed our economy and threw us into two wars that were basically not winnable. How soon you forget recent history.
You're playing the same word games, Guy. Epic fail.
LOL. Just because you believe all that BS doesn't make it true.
KYoung43 is a xenophobe, EVERYONE who isn't like him/her is the enemy.
LOL. Was this an exercise in cramming as many stupid buzzwords into one comment as possible? It's a bunch of BS, nothing more.
"Our" does not mean what you think it means. Go get a dictionary.
Oh please. "Surrender"? You're effing stupid.
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Warren: "I Am Not Running For President"

GK0 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 4:28 PM
To say nothing of Republicans and their inability to cope with reality. At least you know what a Conservative will do - WAR WAR WAR. TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE. And they'll do it with a smile!
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