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Oh Jeez: Harry Reid Told Some Asian Jokes

GK0 Wrote: 21 hours ago (3:47 PM)
Republicans have a habit of doing the same thing, but I don't see you calling any of them out on it. Hypocritical journalism at its worst.
The withdrawal was authorized by the Bush administration in 2008. I don't see where that fact is disputable. You even admit it in your article, so here we go with another BS story. But hey, what do you expect from TownHall? Partisan BS.
Republicans want so badly to protect Israel, so I dunno. You tell me.
So you want ISIS to take over Israel? Okay.
Racism, activate!
I love how Republicans forget the past. The Bush Administration later sought an agreement with the Iraqi government, and in 2008 George W. Bush signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. It included a deadline of 31 December 2011, before which "all the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory". The last U.S. troops left Iraq on 18 December 2011, in accordance with this agreement.
That's exactly what the right wing wants you to think, regardless of whether it's true or not.
I'm not surprised Americans think we're on the "wrong track". That's all the right wing is ever saying these days, and if you repeat something long enough and often enough, people will believe you, even if it isn't true.
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Ebola Doc's Condition Downgraded to 'Idiotic'

GK0 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 10:51 AM
LOL. It's hard to understand what you're even trying to say in this article beyond calling the doctor an idiot for traveling to a place where he could get sick from the very type of infection he specializes in. You're an idiot, Ann.
You do notice that it's tapering off, right? That the deficit is going down? And yes, Bush's $4 trillion war spending was absolutely irresponsible. He broke our country's economy, so it takes more spending to get it back on track. The spin and lack of truthfulness in this article is astonishing.
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