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At least TownHall shows some honesty here. The rest of the comments to this article clearly show hatred, prejudice, and vitriol - no matter what the President says, nothing will change these simple, bigoted minds. So sad.
If you even have to ask that question, you've obviously been brainwashed by right-wing media. Sad.
Lord have mercy on your soul. You are lost.
Hooray, more pointless hearings even after Darrel Issa himself confirmed several times that the investigations have uncovered absolutely nothing!
"Out of touch" describes the Republitards and Tea Party nitwits who think they're actually going to win this upcoming election. When you've alienated nearly every demographic available except for "old, white, Evangelical", you've got some serious issues.
Really? You're laying "claim" to him? Did we go back to the 1800's? Effing racist.
Or, at the very least, that you're misinformed about nearly all of it? LOL.
You realize most of that was because of Bush, right?
You should stop polling mostly Republicans.
You realize hashtags don't work here, right?
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