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Sequestration Cuts Will Lead to Floods, Plagues, and Pestilence

gjmlb Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 9:12 PM
7 years ago I had a grown adult child, attempting to live on her own, due to complications of GERD she did indeed have a hard time, and due to her pre existing condition eventually did die. During her sickness I tried in vain to get her ANY help from ANY of the social services, NOPE, not a thing, not a dime, nothing at all. She could work a day or two, then was again physcially ill, That was her life, until it ended. Now I see and hear able body people who can just won't work. Guess they are just too busy talking on their Obama phones.

The odds that $85 billion in “unthinkable, draconian” sequestration spending cuts will go into effect in March as scheduled are looking better. The odds must be getting better because, as if on cue, the horror stories have commenced. 

A perfect example is an article in the Washington Post that details the angst and suffering being experienced by federal bureaucrats and other taxpayer dependents over the mere possibility that the “drastic” cuts will occur. You see, the uncertainty surrounding the issue has...