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Rand Paul Highlights Obama and John McCain’s Horrible Civil Liberties Records

gjmlb Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 11:52 PM
God Bless Rand Paul. Too bad there are not more people willing to stand by their convictions. Most especially with POTUS one needs a clear cut answer by the administration, not a play on words. One of the reasons POTUS and this admin gets away with so much is that what they do is so very bizarre it defies all reason. Hopefully the old guard will pack it in, and let the younger generation pick up the reins, as it will be the younger generation paying for the mistakes and lack of integrity of the generation that has helped create this mind boggling mess, by their lack of action and conviction.

In the spirit of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Senator Rand Paul delivered the filibuster speech that was trending worldwide on Twitter on Wednesday. He wanted a direct answer from the White House to this simple question: does the U.S. government have the authority to kill an American citizen with a drone on U.S. soil?

The question may seem a bit strange at first. However, with the federal government greatly expanding their use of unmanned drones in U.S. skies, it is a legitimate question that deserves an answer. The U.S. government has already killed an American citizen with a drone.