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There is always the chance that an accident or age related illness will take care of that.
Just when you figure things cannot become any more absurd, they do. I do wish the wording in the VA policy that prompted the decision was shared, so all of us could see the alleged basis for this ridiculousness.
seems as though you have summed it up as to why we all have to endure the destruction to our economy, health, and possibly security since we no longer are considered #1 internationally, thanks to POTUS
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Young Americans are Fed Up with Obama

gjmlb Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 8:55 PM
Finally at long last, the younger generation aka the milleniums are starting to wise up, possibly due to reality as they slowly migrate from academia into the real world, and the one they had helped create via their choices, support and elections
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It Wasn’t Just One Lie

gjmlb Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 8:45 PM
The ACA was never about healthcare, it was about control, and redistribution. IF the intent was, (and it was not) about helping the uninsured and the uninsurable, a National pool specifically to meet that goal could have been established, hence leaving the rest of us, approx 85% of us alone, and additionally untaxed, as well as unharmed physcially as well as financially.
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2013 - The Year of the Lie

gjmlb Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 8:39 PM
Besides the alphabet soup of scandals, it appears that this last colossal lie which has come to be known as the ACA will catch up bigtime with POTUS and be his Achilles Heel.
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A Doctor Finally Sues on Obamacare

gjmlb Wrote: Dec 22, 2013 12:19 AM
I agree with you, and buy USA every time it is possible. When the car manufacturers were in trouble, outside in the parking lot most of the cars owned by the workers were, surprisingly not USA made, then they wonder why they were in trouble.
;Accomplishment, spiraling the national debt, wrecking the health care of millions, undermining our military, shredding the Constitution, using the IRS for his personal vendettas, creating a regulation nation, stonewalling on Benghazi, NSA, and the other alphabet soup of scandals, diminishing the income of the middle class, creating and rewarding dependency, diminishing our standing as well as our security with the apathy and apologies to other nations. Some accomplishments, all negative
Both sides have done their share to increase debt, over regulate, etc. but there is a ray of hope in that I actually have seen a few good men out there, not as yet corrupted by the system, so maybe if we survive the remainder of Obama...there is hope, in the meantime......when it is time........PLEASE VOTE, so we can at least get started.
At this point with all the information and evidence, bottom line is it is what it is, and no amount of spin or fluff can change it. So lets call it what it is.....a lie, told by ------
Not only has POTUS endangered the health of many citizens, but the finances of us all, dumping millions into his grand plan that it appears had little real life planning.thus creating long term phyisical and financial implications, let alone the mental stress, and built on deception,deflection, lies, and blame...all of which seem to be boomeranging back on the admin.
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