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the actions and reactions speak for themselves. and support Callahan
so right you are, and we know so little of what else he is doing....none of which is in the best interests of we citizens, if based on past and present history .
Last up I had heard that Matt Lauer earns, or rather is paid 14 mill a year, now isn't that absolutely amazing?
As always someone or something else is to blame, anyone and anything, but him. Nope, race has nothing to do with incompetency, lying, obscene debt accumulation, cover ups, scandals, wrecking the health care system, as if the admin really wanted to help the uninsurable, a national risk pool could have accomplished that, the ACA is NOT, I repeat is NOT about health insurance, it is about CONTROL. There are plenty of good able bodied respected blackmen, Allen West, Ben Carson, come to mind, it is not the color of the skin, but the absence of morals and character, coupled with greed and narcissim
The fumbling, mumbling, incompetency is absolutely mind boggeling.
I also totally agree with you, and after serving X amount of terms, back into the society you helped create.
I totally agree, and you have summed it up.
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Hillary Gets Knifed in Benghazi Drive By

gjmlb Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 11:43 AM
Like the old saying goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Same here, it is what it is, It is what it appears to be, dereliction of duty, at the very least, guess too busy with the love fest, and the final insult to everyone's intelligence is promoting the ridiculousness of blame....on a video? Don't forget in that part of the world, access to the very basic essentials of bathroom facilities, sanitation, etc. is limited, so most of the persons don't have electronics, a few elite, yes, but most no.
There is always the chance that an accident or age related illness will take care of that.
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