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There is no doubt in any reasonable persons mind that Obama and Hillary are responsible for the Benghazi massacre. There is also a Gallup POLL THAT CLAIMS OBAMA AND HILLARY ARE THE TWO MOST ADMIRED PEOPLE IN AMERICA, that poll makes me shout. Now if you believe in the two biggest liars in America then Obama and Hillary and this entire administration then that poll would win hands down. The democrats are the biggest liars on this planet, in fact they are bigger liars than the Iranians. who say they want the A-Bomb for innocent purposes. Every word from these two is a lie of one kind or the other. The NY Times and Gallup are trying to make Hillary and her boss sounds like two paragons of virtue in order for Hillary to become president, the really sad part of this claim that Hillary is as innocent as a new born babe is so far to the left that it is astonishing to even hear those claims. I know that there are so many uneducated people that believe in these two people that it boggles the mind how anyone can be that dumb and ignorant, but they are out there folks and they are allowed to vote. Quite a few Americans have sold their souls for something free, but when you rely on false promises you will lose in the end, when you lose your freedoms that's when the weeping and wailing will start, but no one will be listening. Merry Christmas anyway.
As once a husband if my wife had an abortion without my input on the matter our marriage would have been terminated at the very moment, just my opinion so save your nasty remarks they will fall on deaf ears.
Harold; Yeah I figured they wouldn't notice my typo and would think I was a progressive, and you know how progessives work, my spelling of the word with the double "r" would still get me an "A" for effort. Anyway they wouldn't know what a typo was so I digressed.
What we have in this president is nothing more than a charleton, a hypocrite and a compulsive liar, how this man got elected can be credited to the stupidity of the uninformed voter who never asked questions or wanted to know who he really was. He was a common street organizer and agitator, and is still practicing his past trade. This president has signed more executive orders than any president in the history of the United States and why is he allowed to do this? Well we have 535 elected officials sitting in Congress taking up space time, making outlandish salaries, pensions and all the graft they can get from lobbyists, in light of this I have a few questions I would like somebody to enlighten me about. First why do we need a do-nothing Congress when the little general in the oval office makes his own rules and regulations and by passes Congress anyway. Did the framers of the Constitution allow for this kind of over riding both houses of Congress? I don't think so, our forefathers were very intelligent men and would cringe at the way this president is governing this country. I imagine that somewhere along the line executive orders were established by some kind of an amendment, and if past history tells us anything about Congress that amendment would have been hidden in a spending bill somewhere and would be glossed over. This president has continually destroyed jobs in the Coal, Gas and Oil business by stopping drilling because the brain dead people that are running one of the most abusive departments of government the EPA, this department is useless and should be eliminated, along with the Farm subsidies. He has given billions to Solar Panel manufacturers all of which have gone bankrupt, so where has the money gone? He sends money to radicals and for what reason? This president stood in front of the American people and promised Change and Hope, and so far all we have gotten is the same old, same old political hypocritical rhetoric and Despair The Black population voted for him around 98% if I were Black I would have also voted for him,but he hasn't done anything outstanding for them, in fact their unemployment is about 16% that is unacceptable in a country that is rich in valuable resources, the only thing that will come of their loyalty in the future will be to insure that a Black man may never be elected again after he is gone or impeached, but the latter of the two solutions will probably never happen especially with the make up of the Senate.
I was in the process of wrriting an opinion when it was suddenly deleted for some unknown reason, Hmmm! I wonder why?
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Wanna a Free Car? Be a Congressman

gjb5528 Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 6:19 PM
Most every politician to a man can only get a position as a congressman or a senator, they can't make it in the real world so they go to an abusive government system to get their graft. The funny part of this is that quite a number of American taxpayers don't even mind that they are being swindled on a daily basis. It's time for the public to finally get the courage and say 'Enough is Enough" and toss all the crooks out, but the way certain groups are getting something free they couldn't care less.
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Katie Pavlich Takes On NYT Columnist

gjb5528 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 12:35 PM
Charles Blow was given the right name, all he does is the normal ignorant talking over someone to cloud the truth, Charles Blow tried hard not to let Katie Pavlich tell the true story. He's just another shill for the Obama socialist administration. The sooner Obama is gone and all his henchmen the better.
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UAW Race Baits in Mississippi Union Drive

gjb5528 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 10:52 AM
Hey canetoad! I'm afraid if you ran the company it would be out of business in a week. Jealousy and Envy are two of the capitol sins.
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