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Marriage is Marriage - Period

girl buddy Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 4:43 PM
Homosexuals have every right heteros have... every single one. Go ahead, get a licensed person and get married. That's not really what they're after... they want endorsement, legal, federal endorsement of their lifestyle so they can feel good. We accept you. We shouldn't be forced to endorse you. But this has ZERO to do with civil rights.
In this life, a number of relationships are of great significance, such as the relationship between a customer and his banker, a patient and his doctor, or even a congregant and his pastor. These are important relationships-some of which produce near-familial emotions, binding people together at a deep, deep level.

And while all of these relationships are important, they are but proximate compared with the ultimate earthly relationship—and that is marriage.

In fact, among relationships, marriage stands out as the one which is absolutely essential to the future of humanity. Despite this inarguable fact, marriage is...