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Damning Emails Link White House to Another Green Flop

girl buddy Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 3:40 AM
C'mon repugna... the thread of racism exists to this day in the democratic party. Nixon's "southern strategy" was about getting the right thinking democrats (not the racists) to become republican. Racism was and is based and forwarded in and by the actions, mindset and platform of the democratic party. Put your thinking cap on. Think with your lady smarts, not your lady parts.

Just-revealed emails confirm that the Obama administration, and the president himself, have misled Americans about the White House's role in fast-tracking a $400 million "stimulus" loan guarantee to a politically-connected "green energy" firm.  If you followed the Solyndra saga, this will come as no surprise to you -- nor will the fact that Obama has been spreading misinformation about his White House's culpability in the matter.  Revealing Politics boils this scandal down into a digestible one minute clip, the crux of which is the smoking-gun email that directly contradicts Obama's smirking denial that "politics"...