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NOT to include the OBVIOUS first homeland terror attack under Obama on THE largest army base in our country... Nidal Hassan jumped up on a table at Ft Hood, shouted Allah Akbar and began mercilessly shooting bullets into unarmed servicemen and women (one pregnant, pleading for her baby's life) about to deploy. No, that was workplace violence.
Younger women may not get it, but more mature women will. I know my own sex and I would have to think long and hard before voting for a woman as US president. It has nothing to do with whether the country is "ready".
Yes, it was an entitlement, and we didn't like it either. Taking over 1/6 of the economy, however, is marxist.
Late, but better late than never!
Weak. Better have a positive agenda of educating people, not just knocking ACA.
WARNING: Libtard trolls up ahead. Looks like they are out in force today!
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Latest on US Capitol Shooting

girl buddy Wrote: Oct 07, 2013 9:27 AM
Obama's love child in the back seat? Or maybe her postpartum depression turned into a postpartum psychotic break and she just thought she had his baby. Makes more sense than gunning down an unarmed woman.
Sounds like she got scared and fled for her life. Then got shot to death. Unarmed.
No impulse control. Isn't that a symptom of something pathologic? Either that or he was really drunk.
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