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Now that is even low for you. Dear God man!
Cutter or DWS....................... Which is by far the dumbest person on the Demorats side of this whole thing? There can be made a case for Clinto, Carney, Rice or The alphabet networks.
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Is Pennsylvania In Play?

Gino2 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 2:36 PM
Here is the deal: Every State is in play! No matter how it is spun. We want every state to be for Romney but reality is that it will not happen this way so every vote counts! Take nothing for Granted!
We already know you don't! Wait I forgot your Mom! Sorry!
The only thing Obama has hit hard in his life has been the Weed Bag! In a few hours there will be another whippen on Joe "the Gaffe" Biden. Like others of his party said, "Let Joe be Joe!" Should make for an easy night!
Nope! She asked the right source but got nothing in return. Just like your family got from you.
Nope. Just the fact you were born makes things worse.
How many Americans were killed durning the Johnson Veitnam War? I can go back in history too!
It is Obama's Fault for not just minding his own business! Let them kill each other!
The leftoverstuff, The Pesident as command authority over the State Department and is charged with the defence of our US Consultes and Embassies across the world. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The State Department has sent Chevy Volts and a $100,000 charger to the U.S. Embassy in Vennia but cut the funding for the Lybia Embassy. Oooooops!
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