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Betting Markets Predicting Obama Victory

Gino2 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 2:56 PM
Nope. Those idiots should have been better perpared for this. They had a week and a half to get the stuff straight and did not. I live on the gluf coast and we get this mess all the time here and we don't go ahound looking for nothing we did not already earn. Meaning. We did perpare and for the most part we will be ok. It is the elderly and the extreme poor who need the help.
Betting markets accepting public bets on the presidential election today have coalesced around a narrative: President Obama has a good chance of retaining the Oval Office.

The Intrade market has President Obama with (as of this writing) a 72.5% chance of winning the election - and the number being that high is largely a result of predictions being made today. President Obama is up over four points in the market today alone after having hovered in the 60% range for most of the race.

Here's the intrade predictions for the electoral map. Of...