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Gifted Hands

ginny33 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 7:46 AM
And they (democrats) that are the biggest part of the third party.
Marriage is between a man and a woman (real) in both cases. And sometimes in cooking ingredients.
First let me say that I am not "against" gays. But the fact is, they are not the same as heterosexuals. So they should not be married. They should have a "union" the is specific to themselves. And they should have to go thru their state government too achieve the rights they think they deserve and just take the rights that have been established for married men and women who are not like them at all. Personally, I am insulted that they think they have the "right" to be married.
Kudos MO. I like the fact that they are keeping "nanny" on the side lines. Maybe this will work and maybe not, however, MO deserves credit for thinking and trying something new. Hope it all goes well.
Maybe the legal American citizens should decide just what they will pay in taxes and let the federal government work with it. No excuses, no delays, no whinning, No more. Somebody besides the leeches has got to run this country. Aren't we all sick of this boring repeat performance they put on time after time? It is worse, if possible, than cable TV.
That is correct. what is RMN?
It has also, been implanted in our schools, When a normal, healthy and active young man child can be suspended from school for throwing and "imaginary" grenade, rock or stick at an "imaginary" enemy, intruder, wolf, it has gone way too far. They, whoever they are, are trying create an American society where everyone walks around with their hands folded inside their sleeves and bowing to government officials, extending their hands only to hand over their cash. What have we become?
Both of the arguments have merits. However, going along with the capture and exhorting information seems safer and it all equates to "who do you trust?". With both parties slinging mud and lies and accusations, who and when will some activist's name wind up on the kill list when they actually are just anti abortion or anti ssm, or anti big government or anti skirting the Constitution or pro gun? Hmmm Who can you trust?
Stop murdering the unborn. How many "brains" do we have i our Congress?
Any way, any where, it's called BUYING VOTES. And they are doing it with our money.
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