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My sentiments exactly! I've been saying that since Tuesday!
Nowadays I just laugh whenever I see Chris Matthews, he is a joke of epic proportions! I think Matthews always says "racist" because that's the only semi-intelligent word he knows. If only he knew its proper application...well then he'd have to call himself one.
Although your charge of being anti-justice is nonsense. Is it justice to defend murderers and prevent a justly given death sentence from being performed, even on serial rapists and serial killers?
Basically all you have said is that Conservatism is against theft...yes, very true!
Having an opinion is not hate. Of course its easier to silence people if you just accuse them of hate, but then why comment? Why attempt a dialogue when you are only willing to listen to people who agree with you? Aren't you not judging this person, whom you also do not know?
Who is telling homosexuals not to have sex?
How do those results deal with the challenges and claims of traditional marriage supporters? Heterosexual couples ceasing to marry is not claimed to be a repercussion of same sex marriage, neither is there a challenge saying that children will not be born at the same rate. When you say "life generally has not changed", I have to ask, how would you know? I'm assuming you do not live there, so how in the world can you make such an observation?
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The 'New Normal' Christianity?

GinLA Wrote: Oct 26, 2012 2:52 PM
The sad thing is Hollywood does not need a show to make God in it's own image...for most people who call themselves Christian today that "image" is God. Christians have not only helped this transfer from true, real savior to false idol, but many have promoted it as the one true God! At a time, not too long ago, I believed in that God and would tell others about him, as if he existed. I was always surprised when no one could see him like I did. But once I was introduced to the real God, the one who comes alive in the scriptures everything changed.
I think people call that a straw man, just so ya know.
I think the point is that saying "abortion" has to do with women's health is a nonsense argument and a ignorant comment at best.
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