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the Chamber of Commerce is defecating in their own mess kits. By pushing for America-hating or America-using immigrants to take citizens' jobs they seal their own death warrants. when there are enough immigrants with no ties to or love for our nation and its' culture and constitution our nation and businesses will crumble quickly. it is slowly eroding now.
that's who they are, that's what they do. and it's never their fault.
hear, hear......Atlanta is already filling up with them. Real Georgians left that area many years ago.
of course dems left. when/if this is ever unraveled i think we will find many 'progressives' that were in on this Benghazi fiasco. hillary, kerry, obama were just the top of the iceberg. look at their affiliations. like grandma said, u can always tell a person by the people they associate with.
...and why do you supposed we used to be such a vibrant, inspiring country with one of the best economies and opportunities for all for so many years?? Because of socialist policies???
Our military and all its' high echelon leadership, along with congressional advocates of this policy, are going to rue this policy, one day. The wheel turns..........
Women have more rights than men now. No problem with them having equal responsibilities as long as standards are not lowered to 'accommodate'. Tired of 'accommodating' whiners by lowering standards. ERGO, education.
this is true, Vlad.
yep, gatorbait. same thing happened in my rigger unit at Log base Bravo (KKMC). when the females found out they would get shipped home for pregnancy many were willingly having 'guests' visit them at night in their tents. we had a nickname for the GP large many of them were housed in. guess what it was. we lost about 6 female soldiers in about a month that left the males having to pull their load. had many others who were excused from some duties due to 'female' conditions.....and we couldn't complain about it, just had to suck it up & drive on.
Skywalker, that's been going on for quite a few years but has become painfully obvious under the last couple of administrations. We've all watched our representatives vote to apply laws and rules to us peasants while they always exempt themselves from these laws & rules. How can that be and why have we allowed it? Why have we allowed them to vote themselves automatic pay raises & benefits.........and never give up their nobility positions within the 'court' of Washington, DC. We have let them get away with placing themselves above us, their bosses. Terms limits have become a necessity now because they will never willingly vacate their prestigious positions as nobles within the court and, thus, lords over us, the plebians.
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