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The Oscar Goes to...President Obama and His Wife

Ginger12 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 6:35 AM
Really sickening, isn't it. I will bet you $50 that the dress, the marine entrouge and Air Force One was all paid by the taxpayers. Talking about entitlements. As for using people, take a look at Oprah....she went all out in 2008 to get the guy elected....totally ticked off her viewers....shortly afterwards, she was no longer wanted at the White House and she has lost 350 million on her new cable network...I surely dont watch her anymore.

President Barack Obama is accustomed to receiving awards he does not deserve. In fact, the President received the ultimate prize in November of 2008. He was elected President of the United States despite scant credentials for the world’s most important position. He benefited from very inadequate vetting by the liberal news media; former political watch dogs turned lap dogs in the age of Obama. 

Right after his inauguration, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. This ludicrous decision was not based on the President’s few accomplishments, but rather on the hope that he would successfully pursue peace during his term. Of course,...