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‘Mediscare’ and the Pennsylvania Senate Race

Ginger12 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 9:22 AM
Medicare is scheduled for bankruptcy in 2024, and the Democrats don't want to do anything. Keep it like it is, they say. What happens in 2024 with no plan? Also, the Dems are not letting the elderly know that under Obamacare, by the year 2016, they will be paying $247 a month for their Medicare premiums, up from $100 now...not to mention that when you get 70 years old, a committee will decide if you get the new hip or pain pills and end of life counseling. Wake Up.

Back in August, Cato adjunct scholar Veronique de Rugy expressed concern about Republican campaign rhetoric on Medicare. As Republicans tell it, they want to “protect” and “strengthen” Medicare, whereas President Obama wants to “cut” and “weaken” it. Veronique thinks that the GOP’s “Mediscare” campaign could end up backfiring by making it harder to reform Medicare if Republicans succeed in taking control of Washington.

What I find irritating is that for all the standard platitudes from Republicans about getting federal spending under control, they’re simultaneously attacking Democrats for allegedly wanting to cut the budget’s big-ticket items like Medicare and military...

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