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Crony Capitalists Endorse Higher Taxes on their Small Business Competitors

Ginger12 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:39 AM
This is exactly why no business should be "too big" to fail. If they cannot run their operations in the black, then they need to fail and allow someone else to pick them up and run them properly. All of these big banks had upper elists who were helping themselves to most of the profit...when you engage in greed and fraud, what can you expect? But instead of failing, they got billions from the taxpayers of America. Mitt Romney was right when he said GM should have gone through bankruptcy instead of being bailed out.GM got billions, which I understand will be a portion of stocks sold at a loss to us taxpayers, with the hope that the 500 left will double in value within another year...yeah, I see that happening....we lost 150 million when
Ginger12 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:43 AM
Chrysler's stocks were sold about 18 months ago. Of course, none of this negative information is ever reported by the lame stream, so most Americans are ignorant of what is going on...thus, another four years of the same or worse. When the "too big to fail" banks got their bail outs, they went out and purchased more smaller banks with the TARP they are even bigger...are not paying any interest and not making loans....go figure.

I’m a big fan of lower corporate tax rates.

I also want to eliminate worldwide taxation so American companies can be on a level playing field when competing for market share around the world.

And I want to get rid of the double taxation of