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Crony Capitalists Endorse Higher Taxes on their Small Business Competitors

Ginger12 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 6:34 AM
Barack Obama illegally sent weapons to the Drug Cartels, he illegally bombed Libya without congressional approval, his administration (someone in it) gave a stand down order that allowed an American Ambassador and three other Americans to be killed in Benghazi. Where are the senior administration officials that are resigning....heck, this administration investigated itself over Benghazi and found that no one was responsible for anything....didn't see that coming? I surely did. Where is Ken Star .... where is the independent investigation on where....this administration has again with the help of their proproganda machine, the lame stream medias, have conveniently swept it under the rug.

I’m a big fan of lower corporate tax rates.

I also want to eliminate worldwide taxation so American companies can be on a level playing field when competing for market share around the world.

And I want to get rid of the double taxation of