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I think these people may have the right idea....remove the President and replace him if the Congress will not do their job. As our forefathers told us, when the government becomes corrupt, we the people, have the right to remove it and replace it with one that represents us....heck, they said no only do we have the right, it is our duty to do so.
Krugman is a Democratic, liberal progressive commie...and to these people, the truth is whatever they decide it is. You cannot talk to libturds....their agenda and their la la land in which they live doesn't recognize truth. He lies just like the ineligible liar in chief in the White House. People need to recognize a snake oil salesman when they see one, but evidently a good percentage of Americans have some kind of eye problems. When everything crashes down, it will improve their vision.
Me thinks the Ukranians have the right idea and this can be accomplished if 2014 makes the House and Senate a conservative majority. It is time either to impeach this liar in chief or make him a true lame duck where we have the votes to override any of his vetos and stop with the executive orders....have read the Constitution twice and cannot find where he has this authority.
No worse that the NAACP not wanting voter ID to stop voter fraud, but making it mandatory that you have a photo ID to attend their conventions. Libturds are the prime example of do as I say, not as I do.
Of course, they didn't bother to mention that Lyndon B Johnon was a thief and liar and that Bill Clinton was and is a sexual preditor, liar, AWOL cowad (VietNam) and a liar also, not to mention that we now have a sociopath/Muslim and biggest liar of all now running our country...all Demorats.
Wrong. Social Security was a PREPAID retirement until the libturd Democrat Pres.Johnson took the money (stole the money) and spent it. SS holds 1.5 trillion in bonds they can't cash because we are broke
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Will Anyone Watch Tonight's Speech? Why?

Ginger12 Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 3:56 PM
I would rather watch reruns of Gilligan's Island....there will be nothing new....he will blame everyone for his epic fall of grace in America in the polls and call us all racists because we do not agree with him....and then he will spend an hour lying like a dog....the only truth he will tell is what he is going to do with his pen and phone...personally, I would like for him to stick both up a place where the sun doesn't shine. If his lips are moving, he is lying.
What a sorry excuse for a mother, she should have been neutered long ago....not only did she leave her ex-husband with his own daughter...she left him with her daughter from another marriage...."now that I am rid of the kids, I can climb the ladder up.
I have been around for a lot of presidents beginning with Eisenhower and I have never, ever seen a president who says things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever and absolutely never takes responsibility for anything or hold anyone else responsible. Our first black president has been a dismal failure, someone who will stoop to the lowest level to attain his agenda...he got Obamacare without one (of excuse with 1) Republican vote and then when the government was about to shut down, he refused to negotiate on extending the individual mandate that the Republicans wanted...after they all caved in to him, without any Congressional approval (which is against the Constitution), he decided to extend it because the roll out was disasterous. The man loves himself and cannot understand why everyone else does not love him like he loves himself..he is a whiner and an excuse maker and should have been impeached when he took it on himself to bomb Libya without congressional approval....the only thing that has kept that from happening is the Democratic Senate and his skin pigmentation, so if people don't like him it has more to do with the job he has done and his overreach into our lives.
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Gold Manipulation: Is it Illegal?

Ginger12 Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 9:42 AM
I certainly am no expert in the Wall Street mania, but as a person who has good business sense and sees that our economy is in the tank and that the Feds are printing worthless money 24/7/365 to prop up our economy, I have to disagree with you. Who is doing the manipulation, I cannot say, but gold pricing is being manipulated...probably by someone such as Soros. Let's face it, sooner or later, the Feds are going to have to stop QE and when they do, the economy is going into a spin....if you are holding the dollar, you are in trouble...if you are holding gold and silver, you have real worth, tangible worth, something you can hold in your hand and purchasing power.
The facts are that the climate is changing and has been changing since the dinosaurs. Unfortunately, you can save as much CO2 as you can stack up, but when a volcano erupts like the one in Iceland, it will totally dessimate all the savings you have done. The real threat to your children is the overbearing federal government....this is a REAL threat to you kids and grandkids.
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