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Time for You to Address Violence in Black Communities, Mr. Obama

Ginamero Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 8:24 AM
After more than 20 years of following Reverend Wright, Obama truly believes the black on black violence, fatherlessness, and general 'give me' attitude in black urban areas is all the white mans fault. Plus, your article kept saying, 'be honest about what's happening and don't be afraid to put blame where it belongs honestly....' are you blaming in on Whites as well? It's hard to know where you stand in this article. Something needs to be done because those people are living like animals and the few stand up citizens left in those areas are being taken alive by a human cancer that can't easily be radiated.
AZYaateeh Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 6:50 PM
Personally I'd say white America has a hell of a lot of the blame—the Great Society, anyone?—but black America has to fix its own problems. Is that fair? Hell no, but welcome to Earth. You're not responsible for tidal waves or plagues, either, but you still have to cope with them. Saying "natural disasters are nobody's fault" accomplishes nothing.
Lars795 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 8:43 AM
Racism is alive and well and living in the dreams of Rev. Wright, Jessie Jackson and Jr., Al Sharpton, Mr and Mrs Obama, along with a number of others. After MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech, over the next couple of decades racism almost was gone. Yes it will never go away totally, but for he most part was gone. But they, along with a radical few, that thrive on the misfortunes of others, have brought it back. And what is worse, they will not look at what is the real problem, and that is the moral decay and disintegration of family, community, society, morals, and values. It has been replaced by "feeling good" and "not my fault"!

Dear Mr. Obama,

This week Hadiya Pendleton was shot and murdered in Chicago just days after performing with high school marching band at your second inauguration.

She was a majorette in addition to playing volleyball and being an honor student at King College Prep High School.

My plea to you is you attend her funeral.

My plea is that after the funeral you address the entire nation in prime time and discuss an epidemic that's eroding our nation and destroying millions of dreams.

That is the real epidemic of violence in black communities

There is no better example than your hometown of Chicago or Chi-Raq as many locals have begun to call...

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