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Ted Cruz Isn't Abnormal; Washington Is

Ginamero Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 7:29 AM
I can proudly say that I voted for Ted Cruz. He was being trashed in commercials endorsed and paid for by Lt. Governor Dewhurst (in Texas the Lt. Governor has more power than the governor.) And Dewhurst is a WEALTHY man. I was not going to give Ted a second glance until the Tea Party picked a candidate. They vet like crazy and had website about Cruz - what the commercials said, what the truth was and why they thought he should be elected. My husband and I both voted for him. I remember the day and the place...and i could not be more proud if he were my own child. That man campaigned on just the thing he is doing. He didn't make big promises and go old boy on us...he's fighting for us.
Real Christian of them. Sad to say it, but I did not blink when I heard some of these places had to close. Maybe, Christians should practice a little empathy - you seem to forgive adulterers, liars, thieves, and those who do not honor their mothers and fathers, but you can't have compassion and love for a gay? Gay did not even crack the top 10 Big NO NO list from god - yet you people keep howling...shut up already.
What kind of ghetto fabulous place did you go to? Or was it an upscale salon where trophy women wore jewels? Who, years ago, had a metal detector at the door, other than airports?
This is why so many neutral people (such as myself) will never say, "I'm a Republican." I would catagorize myself as a Libertarian. You people have got to stop pushing your god on those of us who see the world differently. I'm sick of old men and crazy women thumping a bible telling me what I can and can't do with my body because their god doesn't like it. Dems are always saying the Republican party is dying...well, when it does I hope the moderates come to the Libertarian party and we start to howl. You people run more folks over to vote Democrat because of your social issues. Quit yanking birth control and other functions that belong to the person to government...we don't want your god and you lose votes because of it. If someone wants to die, and they are sound they should be able to. I have worked as a RNLP for decades and some things in this life are worse than death. If you've never seen a slow death up close, then shame on you for having an opinion. Humans already intervene in your god's plan by using ventilators, medication, oxygen, pain meds, ect. You make excuses for what you like and shun the rest as a freak collective. Stop, because other than muslims the world is wising up to bible thumping morons who tell others what to do with their bodies.
You are blind if you can't see the media bias. The only channel on tv for non hateful retoric if Fox - I can't name a newspaper that doesn't pick on any and everything not left of liberal. At this point you jokes own the media so as a majority you get to freely ridicule the minority - Simmons is a Jew and notices the hate liberal media has for any Christian...I'm not Christian and I notice the hate and foaming at the mouth the liberals and their media forms take on Christs followers - for you to be blind to it is sad. Just admit it already - your power is there if you can't see it then you are a dumb as I think you are.
You are WRONG Amy - the title clearly states, 'IN America' not 'American' you can neither read nor infer apparently - and attack the author on his words. Check your own first. Hawkins is right on.
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Defend Veteran Lorance

Ginamero Wrote: Sep 09, 2013 7:41 AM
So, Lt. Lorance goes off of intelligence given to him and he gets 20 years but oblabla wants us to go into another war so he can kill Syrians because he has intelligence? WRF? This makes zero sense. It's not as if this kid blasted these guys for fun and laughed, is it? It was a mistake made in war...kinda like Pat Tillman, only our government still hasn't told the truth on that one yet...what a bunch of punks we have telling lies for us.
Funny how, "this is not a court of law, this is intelligence and it doesn't work that way" sounds good to him...but when Bush passed off intelligence in the form of WMD in Iraq and it was found not to be as true as it should have been (although Hussein did gas the Kurds and no one yelled) liberals and Democrats screamed to high heaven...I'm not a fiscal liberal nor am I a Democrat and I did not want problems with Iraq and I was livid but this smacks of the same thing yet the libs are eating with a spoon.
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