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I find your attitude offensive and I would bet suz does as well. I'm socially liberal and fiscally conservative - and usually vote Republican but it can swing. The sad part is the silent majority (we swing voters) are just that - libertarians. I don't know which of you disgusts or scares me the most the bible freaks or the tax and spenders. One of you wants to control my morality and the other wants to take my money…I say to you both, "I don't like you!" Leave my money alone and quit slot shaming me because it makes you feel closer to your make believe god.
Everyone celebrates what a good and insightful man he was, now I know why…he understood the human plight. Good on him for his views on birth control, abortion, and the right to choose. The rape rate in that area is unfathomable, he was right to make the stand. Yes, rape should be stopped but we haven't managed to do it in this country so pointing fingers at anyone but men and lack of intelligence and control would be wrong.
No one had to cover Christopher with a burlap bag because the animals you love so much cut his off - don't go toe to toe with stories from 100 years ago with stories I can put up here from this year.
Shannon Christiansen and Christopher Newsom were two young adult out for a lovely dinner when they were car jacked, kidnapped, and driven to the evil side of town - were Christopher was repeatedly prison raped and beaten drug to a RR track and set on fire - Shannon sadly lived for 3 days being raped, tortured, and beaten repeatedly by 5 males and 1 female - she was shoved in a garbage bag alive and left to suffocate to death while the attackers had dinner and watched tv in the next room - November 2011
This article is full of lies. Zealots disgust me. I hope Wendy Davis wins in Texas - abortion is not the 'dangerous' procedure this unattractive writer lies it is. I guess next they will make men go to the hospital for vasectomy instead of being an office procedure, or make women deliver at hospitals and not at home or an alternative place. Zealots just want everything to be more expensive. 50 fetuses a day - then they end up on WIC and subsidized daycare, HeadStart, Medicaid - and these same zealots that fought so hard to have these fetuses on Earth now complain because they use up tax payer money. Zealots are nuttier than left wing progressives.
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"The Most Blood Thirsty Mayor Ever"

Ginamero Wrote: Nov 10, 2013 7:08 AM
After reading this article - I'm finally glad to hear of DeBlasio doing something I agree with. The numbers in this article are wrong 41% of pregnancies do not end in abortion. It tickles me that unattractive bald white men always want to tell women of the world what to do with their bodies but are usually the first one to hire them as a mistress. Funnier still most people who shout about abortion also are the first in line to watch an execution. How can you people be up for one 'murder' but not up for the other? Hypocrites all. If you do not want an abortion the way to handle this issue is simple - do not have one. I support Planned Parenthood - I'm glad Bill DeBlasio does too. I'm all for proper sex education and birth control. Those two things would definitely help cut down on your issue but your preach abstinence and you are all zealots. Republicans would win so many more elections if the zealots would just quit trying to force their morals and values on everyone else.
Last ex-wife? Implies there is more than one...which means you may need to take a good long look at yourself before becoming the male version of #9
Geez, I bet you vote. I look on you the way I look on welfare mothers - as people who stand in the way of progress. Between the religious nuts and the takers this country is drowning.
Oh, please, I don't even have to finish reading this story to tell you why....it has PC and B L A C K K I D S written all over it. Remember Crayon Martin? Saint Skittles? Well, when the records came out he too had attacked both other school children and staff but they covered it up thinking it was better these animals stay in school and finish instead of drop out. If I could go back in time and spit in the slave traders faces I would they visited a scourge on this country that will never go away. How do you fix something that is so completely broken and has a permanent 'hall pass' to do as they feel?
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Ted Cruz Isn't Abnormal; Washington Is

Ginamero Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 7:29 AM
I can proudly say that I voted for Ted Cruz. He was being trashed in commercials endorsed and paid for by Lt. Governor Dewhurst (in Texas the Lt. Governor has more power than the governor.) And Dewhurst is a WEALTHY man. I was not going to give Ted a second glance until the Tea Party picked a candidate. They vet like crazy and had website about Cruz - what the commercials said, what the truth was and why they thought he should be elected. My husband and I both voted for him. I remember the day and the place...and i could not be more proud if he were my own child. That man campaigned on just the thing he is doing. He didn't make big promises and go old boy on us...he's fighting for us.
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