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Ancient history. What has the republican party done for minority rights in the past... fifty years? I'll wait.
Moochers. Pigment. PERFECT! And Republicans wonder why minorities won't vote for them. See this post. ^^
Because when you say caucus you already imagine a room full of white guys.
Agreed! They just turn up the volume on the echo chamber.
Yes because us blacks are to stupid to recognize racism. Yeah that'll get you the black vote! Recognizing racism is one of the first things we learn as African-Americans. It's demeaning, dismissive, and insulting to suggest that black people can't recognize racism. With this kind of attitude you will NEVER get minorities to vote for you. Ever! Keep it up, please. I'm a happy African-American Democrat and doing pretty good. Keep blaming women, blacks, and latinos for not being smart enough to vote for you. That's sure to win us over. Ridiculous!
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