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Gee whiz, Jews are the most frequent victims? How come the Jewish Defense League is behind so many of the terror incidents. Do you choose to forget Menachim Begin was a terrorist?
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Marriage and the Constitution

Gilchrist Wrote: May 01, 2013 8:53 AM
DOMA is unconstitutional. Trying to justify it under "states rights" and the Tenth Amendment won't wash. Just like New York was compelled to recognize divorces performed in Nevada after one party established the necessary six weeks residence to obtain the divorce there, the "full faith and credit" clause compels states to recognize same sex marriages performed in states which authorize them. No Congressional statute can repeal a constitutional provision. That has to be accomplished via the amendment process.
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The Curse of Government Help

Gilchrist Wrote: May 01, 2013 8:29 AM
Which is more frightening? "'Lo der, Ize yo new neighbor" or "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"?
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Is America Nasty and Homophobic?

Gilchrist Wrote: May 01, 2013 8:21 AM
Would you tell your mother if you had anal sex with a woman or let her perform fella Spanish uncle on you? Would you tell her you played the part of a cunning linguist?. Part of the problem is evidenced by the editorial policy implemented by by the prudes of Townhall with regards to vocabulary.
What Shrub chooses to ignore is 1) western style political institutions cannot be grafted onto non western societies; and 2) locally implemented changes may well be less hospitable to western society.
Who needs a physical fence? We had no-fly zones in Iraq and Libya, let's have a 5 to 10 mile "no people zone" defined along most of the border and turn loose the drones. If it moves, kill it.
Stole? Idiot! Let's assume that all government expenditures for the FY were covered by current revenues (pipe dream of a balanced budget, I know). Just what do you expect the government to do with the excess FICA taxes over current Sociable Insecurity payments? Put them under a mattress in the Lincoln bedroom? Reduce the FICA taxes of current employees? Yes, our congresscritters are BORROWING that money with the realization that they won't be around to see it paid back, but just how else do you propose to run Sociable Insecurity? Let Bernard Madoff invest them?
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How Abortion Has Changed America

Gilchrist Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 2:34 PM
And just what do you call "extremely rare"? I'll grant you eclampsia only occurs in about 0.25% of pregnancies, but ectopic pregnancies account for 1.94% of pregnancies in North America. The proper treatment for the latter is an abortion; to do otherwise is a death sentence for the gravida.
I prefer the symmetry from the other end of life's spectrum and ask what are the characteristics which separate the living from the dead. It is certainly not the presence of living tissue or organ transplants from the dead would never succeed The general criteria used is the presence or absence of.spontaneous cerebral cortex activity. At the time of D&C's no cerebral cortex has formed, ergo there is no life.
Why is a bomb in Boston, Kabul or Baghdad considered the work of a terrorist but a bomb in Damascus considered the work of a freedom fighter? Why isn't the work of the Tsarnaevs considered part of a civil war and Dzhokhar considered a POW? The US needs to butt out of internal Syrian affairs and let Assad handle his own terrorists before we end up with other foreign governments aiding and abetting "freedom fighters" in our country.
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