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Skipping GITMO: Bin Laden's Son-in-Law to Appear in New York Court Today

Gilchrist Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:19 AM
OK, I'll ask the silly question, what crime has Ghaith allegedly committed WITHIN THE JURISDICTION of the United States that warrants a trial in the Southern District of New York? It is one thing for this country to assert jurisdiction over actions of its citizens outside of this country, but by what measure of hubris do we get to assert jurisdiction over a foreign national for acts performed in his own country?
BigDog848 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 10:17 AM
this is an enemy combatant and is subject to capture and killing under the laws of war.
Gilchrist Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 10:54 AM
Really? Let's presumed that he or some organization/country to which he bore allegiance declared war on the United States [for those who believe only the Congress can declare war, there is more than one party to a war and not all parties have to declare it for it to exist and be prosecuted by the President]. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, he can be held without trial until the end of hostilities. From whence does the US derive the authority to subject him to a civilian trial? Are you a proponent of "might makes right"?
chris73 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:41 AM
Hate to say it but you have a good point! Many will disagree with your comments but Americans need to seriously start asking these types of questions.

Yesterday it was announced the United States had captured Al Qaeda leader and the son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith. The problem? Ghaith isn't being tried, held or questioned at GITMO, he's in New York City prepping for his court appearance today.

A top Al Qaeda spokesman, who is the son-in-law of Usama bin Laden, has been captured overseas and charged in the United States with conspiracy to kill Americans, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday, sparking Republican criticism that such terrorists don't belong in the civilian judicial system.

Sulaiman Abu...