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Obama's Secretive Keystone XL Decision

GilbertEA Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 1:05 PM
Our Regulatory Policies in the United States have gotten out of hand. They are more a series of reactive rules than proactive actions which would benefit both businesses AND people. Too often the cost of EPAs regulations are through the roof and moreover, since they change every 5 minutes, there's no real way to keep on top of them ( . We need to build a more symbiotic relationship between policy and practice so that we can hindering the others progress. Otherwise, there is no recovery.

The oppressive monster known as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not just killing jobs these days – it is intentionally avoiding transparency that may shed light on the political motivations behind the agency’s actions.

Started in 1970 by President Richard Nixon, the EPA was a small agency that combined several anti-pollution and clean water agencies into one agency with 4,084 employees and a $1 billion budget. Today, it has 17,000 employees and has evolved from its narrow focus into an unconstitutional, blunt instrument with vast powers that the Obama Administration wields to promote a radical political agenda that is destroying...