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Why Don Opposes Capital Rape

Gilbert32 Wrote: Apr 20, 2013 10:14 AM
I've been reading my copy of the Constitution. Maybe I have an outdated copy or something because I don't see those amendments. Oh wait, I get it, judges made it up as they went along. The "evolving community standards" thing. But, when given the chance, the People have over-turned many of these "evolving community standards" rulings, meaning that too many lawyers, judges, and law professors dont reflect "current community standards."

Don is angry with me. He cannot understand why I support punishing rapists with death while simultaneously defending the rights of the unborn. He accuses me of applying double standards, promoting hypocrisy, and of being "inconsistent." But I am perfectly consistent in my beliefs. And, truth be known, so is Don.

The reason so many people are unfairly labeled as "inconsistent" is because the term "double standard" is applied in such a haphazard fashion. People are actually guilty of applying a double standard when they treat two identical things differently. On the other hand, they are not applying a double standard...