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LBJ was pretty corrupt too.
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A Taxing Insurance System

Gilbert32 Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 3:02 PM
Taxes. The Democrat's raison d'etre. As long as they can raise taxes, and squeeze more and more from the American people to give to their friends, the Democrats will be happy. Come November, lets end that happiness.
There is climate change going on the other planets too. I know Mars' climate change is due to the little SUV we sent there a few years ago, but what about the other planets?
Judge Roberts went to Harvard. That means he's stupid like another Harvard graduate that I can think of. I can think of a solution though. Since lefties don't like government money being given to private high school and elementary schools, let's stop giving government money to private colleges, too.
The democraps did get to speak. Lois Lerner D (IRS) got to say something to the effect of "My mouthpiece and I lied when we said I was going to testify. I take the fifth."
You should only be allowed to have freedom for politically correct, approved things.
The trouble is, Obama doesn't believe we are great country founded on freedom and opportunity. BTW, guess who passed that German homeschooling law? Hitler.
It looks like Lois's attorney is a liar. Isn't that a cause for disbarment?
She should still be called to testify. At the very least, hours of her sweating under the tv lights and saying, "I am sorry Congressman Issa but I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I may intimidate myself" will be priceless. And no, "I did nothing wrong, I don't know why you're persecuting me" statements either.
It's too bad the petition will be useless. Democrats LIKE cop killers.
Well, who would want to look a picture of just a big hole in the ground?
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