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Libya Commemorates 9/11

gil422 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 11:20 AM
Ann's use was more helpful and accurate than your attempt to inject left vs right. Is Divine Right of Kings really a right-wing concept? The political ideas of our founders were far to the right of anything either party advocates today. The fact remains that the Amernican Revolution was not mob rule, unlike most others. Ann took no liberties and your post was a dishonest attempt to distort the issue.

When President Obama intervened in Libya last year, he claimed that "it's in our national interest to act" to remove a tyrant who -- in response to Bush's invasion of Iraq -- had just given up his weapons of mass destruction and pledged to be America's BFF.

Apparently Gadhafi neglected to also tell Obama, "I've got your back."

Obama said: "We must stand alongside those who believe in the same core principles that have guided us through many storms ... our support for a set of universal rights, including the freedom for people to express themselves and choose...