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Eat More Chicken and Your Skin Will Thicken

gil422 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 9:19 AM
So when certain countries convict rape victims on adultery charges (or something similar), that's "right" because the consensus in that country agrees? Does that mean slvery was right until we reached a consensus that it was wrong? (Have we even reached that consensus worldwide?) Did the killing of Jews by the Nazis havve consensus in Germany? How about feeding Christians to lions in Rome? (You are probably OK with that one.) The sands of consensus shift too frequently to serve as an adequate foundation for right and wrong. P.S. - About your screen name: It's not YOUR body that's the issue.

My friends at Campus Reform are on top of it, as usual. They always expose the thin-skinned idiocy of campus liberals and give me lots of column fodder in the process. Thanks guys. The next round of waffle fries is on me.

Campus Reform is reporting that Chick-fil-A, the popular fast food restaurant chain, has now been dubbed a "symbol of hate," by a professor at Eastern Illinois University (EIU). Lisa Moyer, who teaches in the Family Studies Department at EIU, apparently made the comment with a straight face, although some have suggested that the term "straight face" reinforces heterosexist oppression....