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Obama the Pied Piper of Promises, Race and Things

gigi4444 Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 12:36 PM
Why does everyone refer to Obama as the first african American president. According to Morgan Freeman he is not the first AA president, he his the first mixed race president. As Freeman said remember his mama was white. When will all writer's including this one stop calling him African American. Obama use's the term to his advantage.

Oozing with contempt, bombast, bravado, and arrogance but void of a plan describes the speech President Barack Obama gave to the Democrat National Convention to justify his re-election. Strutting onto the stage before his adoring base, Obama launched into the same tirade we’ve heard many times before: class warfare, Osama bin Laden is dead, I inherited a mess, I need more time, “change is a coming.”

“You elected me to tell you the truth,” shouted Obama. The sad thing is we’re not getting any truth. In 2008, Obama said if he couldn’t turn things around in four years, he should...