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Ah...the old "lesser of two evils" ploy. It's not that simple. When RINOs lose a primary, they vote DEM so as to retain power in the GOP. Solution? Vote AGAINST the lesser of two evils" in primary, then vote FOR your core values in the general. Doing as you suggest only leaves RINOs in power. You can't win a culture war with traitors in your own army. It's more important to remove the traitors in your own army than it is to engage the enemy army. RINOs should join the DEMS, but they're not that intellectually honest. There are no simple solutions. It's a Culture War of attrition for the soul of America.
One more thought: RINOs would rather see the DEMS win the general than to lose power themselves in the GOP. That's evil, but true. There is nothing conservatives can do with that except play tit-for-tat. Anything else amounts to bringing a knife to a gun fight. It's going to have to be a war of attrition. Eventually RINOs will be exposed for what they are.
I agree with Kurt's friends who disagree with him. You can't win a gun fight with a knife. Likewise, you can't beat the Dems unless you can first beat the traitors (RINOs) in your own army. While I know the One Ring is inherently evil and inevitably corrupting, that certainty is offset by two others: 1) you can't beat somebody with nobody, and 2) those who refuse to get involved in politics are guaranteed to be ruled by their moral inferiors. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of. So if you support a corrupt RINO in the general election, you're only guaranteed more of the same. A screw-up Democrat would be FAR easier to beat in the following election than unseating a corrupt incumbent RINO you were foolish enough to support in the general. To maximize the power of my one little vote, I 1) never vote in an uncontested "race", 2) I always vote "lesser of two evils" in the primary, and 3) if my party elects a screw-up RINO corruptocrat in the primary, then I vote for core principles (aka third party or don't vote) in the general. With all due respect, conservatives will never beat RINOs using Kurt's strategy, and as I said, it is impossible to defeat the enemy's army until you have first defeated the traitors in your own army. That just simple Sun Tzu 101 (aka "commons sense).
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Stop the Coming Obamnesty!

Gideon2 Wrote: Aug 04, 2014 6:42 PM
That's b/c Obama is only a symptom. The real problem is the treason of the Democrat Party and the entire national "security" police powers apparatuses (NSA, CIA, FBI, military intelligence) which allowed and enabled a constitutionally ineligible Marxist (probably born in Kenya) usurp the presidency. That is a problem exponentially larger than most low-information people even care to contemplate, let alone fix.
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