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I don't think the issue is money. I think the West is afraid of a preemptive attack by Israel on Iran, which could cause Iranian retaliation on Western interests. Obama does not want war in faraway places, and most Americans don't either. Some people argue that a nuclear Iran is no threat, because it would never use its weapons. Obama may even favor a nuclear Iran for other reasons. I of course don't know, but "money" isn't everything.
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Does It Feel Good -- or Do Good?

Gid4 Wrote: Oct 22, 2013 8:55 AM
In theory congress does have the power to restrain a President's overreach by "the power of the purse", i.e. saying "we will not fund your excesses". It is the President and his party that then say "we don't care if you shut the government", we can blame you, and if the debt ceiling doesn't get raised, we will blame you too." Unfortunately, he is right. Suppose the Republicans had presented an united front, and kept the government shut down, and the debt ceiling did not get raised, but spending did not get cut. What would have happened? Probably massive election defeat. On the other hand, trends are really bad for Republicans in general, the younger generation actually (in a recent poll by the Pew Research Center) say they favor socialism (by a slim majority). There is no restraint on Obama and his party now.
I say the U of Penn should invite Miley Cyrus. First there was Isaac Newton. Then there was Einstein, and finally, there was Miley Cyrus. She would teach these college students what they really need to know.
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Krauthammer: Boehner Doesn't Have Any Power

Gid4 Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 7:53 AM
There is no way, no matter how conservative you are, to win. Obama doesn't care if he shuts down the government, or if the debt ceiling doesn't get raised, because he can blame YOU. And his dumb followers believe YOU are at fault.
Apart from the Republicans who want to distance themselves from Ted Cruz, there are just Republicans who disagree on tactics. Lets review: the house sends a funding bill which funds everything except Obamacare. According to our constitution, they have the right to do that. In fact, that is a way the founders gave us to balance the president's power. The senate refused the budget, which meant we were going to have a government (partial) shutdown. And then there was the debt limit, which has to be raised every so often due to manic spending in Washington. The question is - knowing that we were going to lose - i.e. not defund Obamacare, and also get blamed for the shutdown, should we have done it anyway,. I think that possibly the answer is yes. Possibly, the public needs to be shaken up a little, needs to know there is a problem, and as Obamacare causes them problems, to remember that the Republicans stood against it. But I can understand those who feel differently. Some feel we should first win the Senate and Congress and Presidency, and then make our move on Obamacare.
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America's Cultural Chasm

Gid4 Wrote: Oct 08, 2013 10:34 AM
All Miley has accomplished in her life is act in "Hannah Montana" and then engaged in simulated sex acts on TV. Why should anyone pay attention to her? I think its significant that Saturday night live spoofs Republicans as being pornographic, when right in front of the camera, leftists are pornographic. I personally was filmed doing disgusting things without my knowledge, and paid quite a price. I was drugged, sexually assaulted, poisoned, etc. The people who did this or applauded it included whites, blacks, other minorities, and gays. It was so outrageous that nobody believes it to this day. America is doomed.
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Crazier Than Liberals

Gid4 Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 7:55 AM
I agree with Ann's excellent article, but here is a cautionary tale: in the WWII period, a Jewish girl was taken with a group out of a ghetto by the Nazis, supposedly for labor, and shipped to a remote area where the group was shot. She survived, and walked back to her town to tell the Jews that the labor groups were not being sent for labor, but for death. So guess what happened: The leadership there put her in a mental hospital!
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Anthony Weiner: Danger Is His Middle Name

Gid4 Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 3:32 PM
Weiner lied. He lied when he accused Breitbart of fabricating the evidence, and then he lied when he said he had stopped his sex antics on the internet. Never mind forgiving people for compulsive obsessions. Should we forgive him for lying to us? Twice? And smearing Mr. Breitbart in the process? New Yorkers should vote for an alternative. If Christine Quinn, also fairly leftist, is the only alternative, then vote for her.
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Who Is Racist?

Gid4 Wrote: Jul 09, 2013 6:17 AM
I used to be very prejudiced. I thought every black man was a mugger, and every Latino was a gang member. That was as a kid. I grew out of it, mostly, and I do recognize that every group has very admirable people, and very bad people. But does it make me a racist to notice that Black crime is so high? Does it make we a racist to believe that the average intelligence of some group(s) is lower, given the IQ tests scores? I'm not all that intelligent myself, but these seem to be objective indicators. Black racism is an interesting development, and one I really first heard about in this article, though I had heard of black anti-Semitism.
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Postmodern Prudes

Gid4 Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 7:05 AM
I was on the receiving end of a lot of disgust from a lot of people myself, for something I did, and V Hanson does make a good point about double standards. I think it applies to both liberals and conservatives, but a little differently. We live in a society where 41% of babies are born to single mothers. What does that say about self-control, decency, and caring about the fate of those babies? We have colleges with a "hook-up culture." Not only that, but some high schools have a "hook-up culture". And simultaneously, we have the humorless types who inflict political correct taboo punishments on people who say incorrect things.
Why not strengthen the border right now, and worry about amnesties, guest workers, etc. later?
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