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Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Cancels ABC "This Week" Appearance

giatny Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 3:04 PM
That's astounding considering being able to lie extensively is the prime qualification to work for Obama. Usually they like to strut out the biggest liars and Cutter definitely qualifies.

After getting caught red handed lying about what she knew about Joe Soptic's story, the man featured in the Obama Super PAC ad essentially accusing Mitt Romney of killing his wife, Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter has cancelled her ABC "This Week" appearance.

From Dana Loesch:

ABC had Tweeted that Cutter was to appear, but plans have changed and the Tweet disappeared.

The campaign has dispatched David Axelrod to go in Cutter's place as it's likely Cutter would face too many questions regarding her dishonesty on Soptic and the campaign's suspected...