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Anyone who believes her anti-Obamacare and pro fossil fuels pretense is delusional. The woman votes with Obama 96% of the time and will continue to be controlled by Harry Reid. The only way to save America is to end the dictatorship of Obama/Reid.
The GOP knew this before the law was passed but no one listened. The CBO should be fired for lying extensively in the original projections that Pelosi co-authored. I think $2 trillion is low considering the Dems want all illegals to get free health care.
The judge's comments were the most refreshing and hopeful that I've read in 3 years. If Congress won't stand up for the rule of law and freedom, then the courts and the people MUST stand up against Obama's tyranny.
We are indeed doomed. With few exceptions this crowd couldn't lead us out of a rainstorm much less the collectivist flood that is washing over us. McCain, Rove and Norquist are heading the suicide march to amnesty which will guarantee that a Republican never wins another national election. The world knows Obama has no intention of enforcing any immigration laws and hopes to extend the welfare state to illegals. Massively higher taxes on carbon, VAT, estate, income and wealth are the only way to finance this insanity.
Trying to police what recipients buy is such a minor issue and nearly impossible to enforce. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to STOP paying teams of recruiters to massively increase the number of SNAP enrollees? It is pathetic that people are no longer expected to even take responsibility for knowing if they are hungry! Millions depend on this necessary assistance which makes it all the more depressing that the program is abused. However, the GOP needs to stop playing small ball that would have only a minor effect on total spending and could have dire consequences on the neediest.
This is ridiculous. 20 weeks is more than ample time to honor a "woman's right to choose". At that point the rights of the child must take over. The bill allows later abortions for the health of the mother or birth defects of the child. Claiming that the Texas law deprives a woman of an abortion is pure hyperbole.
Holder knows no shame. I have never heard such nonsense. If only the family had come here ILLEGALLY, Napolitano would have rubber stamped them in. The behavior of Holder is repugnant. The Congress should immediately exert all pressure to reverse this embarrassing episode by the Department of INjustice. Americans MUST stand up against the outrageous lawlessness of this administration.
I am still waiting for Chris Mathews, Joan Walsh and the other left wing loons to apologize to Glenn Beck for calling him mentally ill when he correctly analyzed and predicted the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood when the uprising began in Tahrir Square. They were so busy celebrating the "Arab Spring" that they vilified any reasonable concern about the spreading revolutions throughout the region. The fact that Obama is now arming the Syrian "rebels" highlights his incompetent foreign policy. Newsflash: the rebels are mostly Islamic terrorists. Doesn't the WH have a tv???? It's a civil war and those in the streets couldn't run a taco stand much less a country. I am so tired of the MSM assuming a condescending air of certitude when they are consistently WRONG.
Any claims that an effective fence will be built are laughable. The key to real reform begins with a complete restructuring of the INS for efficiency and integrity to process, administer and enforce the laws. Writing new laws is meaningless with the most incompetent and corrupt administration in history in charge. It shouldn't be that difficult to adjust the number of visas for needed tech and ag workers. S744 continues the oppressive red tape for temporary workers. No illegal should get any legal status without going through the same detailed process required of legal applicants. S744 allows Napolitano to rubber stamp in as many as she likes with no accountability. ICE must be allowed to follow current laws about interior enforcement, deport criminals and require e-verify. No country in its right mind would tolerate the level of criminality from illegals that the US does. It is pure corruption that hinders a solution. It doesn't take 1200 pages to do it right. It's pathetic that you can't trust the government to follow the laws Congress passes.
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Who's Afraid of Hillary?

giatny Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 7:19 PM
The GOP should be more afraid of losing their base. The Dems could win with anyone when 2/3s of Republicans desert. After reading most of S744, it seems all too clear that both parties are committed to writing corrupt laws to the detriment of the American people. Big business controls both. It's actually the far left billionaires who are calling the shots. I agreed with the Supreme Court about money being an expression of freedom of speech but the actions by Bloomberg, Soros and Zuckerberg have gotten frightening. Attacking out of state senators and congressmen with massive negative advertising diminishes the voices of the people who live in the respective states.
How did Republicans get so stupid????? The bill is a complete farce as none of the enforcement provisions take effect until illegals apply for "permanent legal" status which is 5 years after they and their families get instant "legal" status. Most will be voting by 2014 because proof of citizenship is not required. Just when Obama is finally drowning in the cesspool of his corruption, the GOP gives him a bigger win than ACA. Obama's tyranny will be permanent. This bill is MUCH weaker than current law and the 2007 bill.
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