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Obama refuses to even pretend that he will enforce immigration laws. There is no way to have a reform bill when the borders are open and welfare is available to anyone with a child. Obama intentionally risking the lives of children to force amnesty proves yet again that he is soulless. He, DHS, Mexico and Central America engineered this invasion. DHS advertised in January for escorts for 65,000 children! Obama is a pathological liar and child trafficker. The American people must insist Obama enforce the laws or the rule of law will be lost forever. Every president will just do whatever he wants.
At what point will the GOP stand up and protect the country from Obama's monarchy. He does not have the authority to open the borders. Congress must shut this down immediately or everyone living in a poor or violent country will be pouring in. Doesn't anyone else understand that Obama is permanently destroying the rule of law????
Another race baiting hoax. It is already the law that illegals must be admitted to K-12. In addition most, if not all, public schools have residency requirements to keep the proper number of kids in each school. No more exceptions for illegals, period. What would be the point of keeping them out of school? Holder and Sharpton are disgraceful race baiters.
Is Circuit Judge Carlos Lucero a citizen? The only ones who won't be able to register will be illegals. Anyone in this country legally will have the proper documents, period. I couldn't be more disgusted by this administration's fight against sensible voter ID laws which 68% of the country favor.
Since NH is the "live free or die" state, Brown should be a strong favorite. Unless the dictatorship of Obama/Reid is ended, the lawlessness and abuse of power from Obama and the agencies will mark the end of freedom.
The previous cost estimates on this disaster are totally laughable. The only part generating revenue for this atrocity are the higher taxes the law imposed. Congress MUST start over or watch the entire health care system crash. The costs are unsustainable and out of control. Start over with prioritizing access to care for the neediest (something ACA did NOT do).
Anyone who believes her anti-Obamacare and pro fossil fuels pretense is delusional. The woman votes with Obama 96% of the time and will continue to be controlled by Harry Reid. The only way to save America is to end the dictatorship of Obama/Reid.
The GOP knew this before the law was passed but no one listened. The CBO should be fired for lying extensively in the original projections that Pelosi co-authored. I think $2 trillion is low considering the Dems want all illegals to get free health care.
The judge's comments were the most refreshing and hopeful that I've read in 3 years. If Congress won't stand up for the rule of law and freedom, then the courts and the people MUST stand up against Obama's tyranny.
We are indeed doomed. With few exceptions this crowd couldn't lead us out of a rainstorm much less the collectivist flood that is washing over us. McCain, Rove and Norquist are heading the suicide march to amnesty which will guarantee that a Republican never wins another national election. The world knows Obama has no intention of enforcing any immigration laws and hopes to extend the welfare state to illegals. Massively higher taxes on carbon, VAT, estate, income and wealth are the only way to finance this insanity.
Trying to police what recipients buy is such a minor issue and nearly impossible to enforce. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to STOP paying teams of recruiters to massively increase the number of SNAP enrollees? It is pathetic that people are no longer expected to even take responsibility for knowing if they are hungry! Millions depend on this necessary assistance which makes it all the more depressing that the program is abused. However, the GOP needs to stop playing small ball that would have only a minor effect on total spending and could have dire consequences on the neediest.
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