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The Supreme Court’s Job Is to Protect Americans from Democracy

ghwhy Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 1:42 AM
I think doc, aka Rich is overly pessimistic. Many SCOTUS decisions do not reflect the will of the people -laws declared unconstitutional (abortion, flag, prayer, emminent domain, etc) overturned the laws of a majority of the states. Lliberals do not care what the people want only that the people comply with what they want - and since the 60s they occupy most of the nonelected power positions atl the local, state and federal level. Justice Kennedy decides the law in most close cases and unfortunatly he is not the most intelligent and often doesn't really understand the consequence of his rulings - but he does like the NY Times saying how astute and learned he is. As in 2010 the people will send another message in 2012. Things may change

I have to give the Washington Post credit. It may have a bias for statism, but at least they have some diversity on the op-ed pages. Less than two months after E.J. Dionne wrote an embarrassing column showing he didn’t understand the difference between untrammeled majoritarianism and a constitutional republic, the Post publishes a terrific piece by George Will on the proper role of the Supreme Court.

Here’s some of what George Will wrote.

…a vast portion of life should be exempt from control by majorities. And when the political branches do not respect a capacious zone of private...

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