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Obama's Misleading Reagan Reference

ghwhy Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 4:46 PM
DHE needs to focus and stop trying to tell other people how to write their articles. The need to apply comparability and equivalence to argument just leads to intellectual paralysis. Kudlow is criticizing.Obama for misusing Reagan - that is the purpose of the article - not an assessment of the totality of their respective faults If Obama is a liar, he is so notwithingstanding Reagan's veracity. One can perfectly described a persons character without reference to another person. In the world of politics (and life) just about everyone is somebody elses SOB.
In President Obama’s latest class-war, tax-the-rich gambit, he has stooped to a new low with misleading and out-of-context quotes from Ronald Reagan. Apparently, the president is now trying to use the Gipper for cover while he attacks Mitt Romney with the so-called Buffett Rule.
In an address this past week, Obama cited a couple of Reagan speeches from June 1985, in which the former president quoted a letter from a wealthy executive who grumbled that he paid less in taxes than secretaries or bus drivers. Obviously, Obama was trying to draw a parallel with Warren Buffett’s complaint that his...