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I want my Representatives to demand action on this issue today; Tomorrow might be too late!
But now isn't Obama a liberal, doesn't he smoke cig's and weed too! At least dead conservatives don't keep voting! It isn't about scientist in general just the ones that have been bought and paid for with our tax dollars to support this administration's agenda. Those not on the government tit tend to call it BS!
It's all about the money,(damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead)!
Actually it is called patriotism, when exercising their second amendment to try and control an out of control federal government! Besides they were not the first ones pointing guns, the real terrorist, (BLM) were! Just how far do you suggest we allow this Obama criminal organization to progress before we put a stop to it?
The fox guarding the hen house, all across America!
Defund and kick the UN out of the USA, Turn that building into a maximum security prison to put all these democrat criminals in! Maybe even turn it into a big whorehouse and use the proceeds to help pay down the national debt; Heck with just Sandra Fluke working the profits could be substantial!
Apparently in Georgia they do have a voice and someone must be listening!
Good for Georgia, that is a good way to attract more gun related industry as well as protecting their citizens rights!
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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

ghutchinson Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 11:48 AM
Could it be that he has finally found his conscience?
There needs to be mandatory drug testing for all government assistance both federal and state. It should also include older teen's that live in such homes because they are often the ones that are doing the drugs. I can assure you that my family doesn't use illegal drugs but we do have to undergo periodic drug screening in order to keep the jobs that supply the tax dollars that these moochers live, (and party on)!
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