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Acting Like a Victim Not Really Working For Sandra Fluke Anymore

Ghost of the Republic Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 12:37 PM
Hussein Likes Red: Seriously? Although I normally decry ad hominem attacks, if that is true, then Sandra Fluke moves from the kool-aid drinker column to the pathologically stupid column.

Sandra Fluke, the infamous former Georgetown law student who begged for free birth control in front of Congress, "rallied" a crowd of just 40 people on the University of Florida campus yesterday.

Women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke made an appearance on Turlington Plaza on Wednesday to encourage students to utilize early voting for next week’s presidential election.

Fluke stopped at UF as part of her “It’s On You” Youth Early Vote Campus Outreach tour.

About 40 students gathered by the potato statue to listen.

I'm not even going get...