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While we're at it why not a referendum on reaming the rich, amnesty for illegals and people control (gun registration) by another name?
The polls say pretty much what some have decided they should say. How about a real poll it's called a referendum????
I think old Warren must have just seen a sneak preview of the grim reaper in a dream, then suddenly remembered the bibles parable of the camel trying to get through the eye of the needle! Too late Warren old boy, your die has long been cast.
I'm voting Romney/Ryan (holding my nose) 'cause voting for four more years of this Prez would require a name change for the country. USSA. I can't imagine why it would even be a close election. Would R/R make things better? Marginally perhaps, but better is still better. Reasons? Try: Fast and Furious, 16 trillion debt, 47 million on food stamps, Amtrac subsidised, SS in trouble, Medicare gutted to buy Obamacare, USPS broke, Lybia debacle, unabated "invasion" from Mexico, And Friends of the 'Bamster (by whom Ye shall be known) Ailes, Wright, Soros, Maher, Letterman, and Chavez to name a few. Well thanks, but no thanks !
Absolutely right! That's why I voted for Newt in the primary. Can't you just imagine mumbles BO going into left wing convultions trying to debate the Newtster?
As a "so called" Teabagger I see the media as the sales arm of the Progressive point of view because they rigeriously avoid, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story! So who can blame Democrats or Republicans for making poor decisions based on poor information? Yep, big government is your savior (the bigger the better), like what's easier to "sell" than FREE Stuff? That ends up costing your FreeDumb. (misspelling intended)
Your existense is a very good arguement for abortion on demand!!!
He's like keeping a pet rattlesnake. Come just a little bit closer my friends Heh, Heh Heh.
Maybe some things could and should be de-criminalized but other ideas should be revisited first. Like: Why do folks imprisoned at Sheriff Arpaios facilities rarely repeat their mistakes in his juristiction ? Why were there so many fewer people ready to commit crimes when there were chain gangs rather than libraries, good nutrition, gyms, free medical care etc. Also why convictions followed by 20 appeals over 10 years. Expensive???
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