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Detroit has been on this trajectory since I was born in '79. And its sad. What'll be even MORE sad to me is to see Philly take the same dive. I LOVE that town (NOT the people). Its rich in history & the food scene, both for "cheap" food like cheesesteaks & pizza & delivery Chinese, as well as for Iron Chef owned/run restaurants. It would pain me to see Philly end up like the rathole Detoilet has become. Hell, I can even see some of this same decay in my own hometown of Memphis. Its just SAD.
The jihad doesn't stop at the Dearbornistan town line, Bro.
Indy Wrote: "you said there are 200k muslims in the city of detroit not counting the are wrong, you know your wrong, everyone else knows your wrong......just admit it and move on...." Yeah, that "upstanding" community is complete, with their own Hezbo & HAMAS sponsored newspapers, kids who beat up Christians & jihadi recruiters. Yes, Dearbornistan is just a PARAGON of muslim assimilation into America. We should do the world a favor & glass the whole place.
I'm sure that the Occupado-types will say that the whole thing was "staged."
Exactly right, my friend.
In the end, Zimmerman made the choice that I'd make if someone were using my head as a "bassetball" on the sidewalk & going for my gun: BETTER TRIED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6!!!
There you go with those "inconvenient truths" again...
Is it too early for me to get my “George Zimmerman=Hero” shirt? Since today, here in the Dormont neighborhood of Pittsburgh, at the Dunkin Doughnut this morning, my wife & I saw a black guy with a shirt that said: “RACE RIOT” with George Zimmermans picture & a crosshairs over it. Now, THIS is ok, & NO ONE WILL SAY SHAT. But if I were to wear a shirt that said, “Zimmerman=Hero” or “**** Trayvon,” I’d probably not survive the day without a severe beating. Ah, equality & “diversity” in MaoBama’s “post-racial America.” Ain’t it great?! Not only THAT, but we also learned of a new demographic of people: “white Hispanics.” A heretofore undiscovered race of people, who’s previous existence was never known! Why, its almost as good as a National Geographic special! I hope the would-be rioters remember, it ain’t LA. Its Florida. And anyone causing harm to life, property or business is liable to be riddled with double ought buck or .45 slugs for the mere attempt. And I say GOOD. Shoot all looters & destroyers of hard earned businesses, just as happened with Trayvon. Self defense is a mother, ain't it?
The article I'm gonna post a link to is off topic, but its a good piece on American Spectator by Jeffrey Lord about Paula Deen's misfortune. Feel free to join in:
Maybe we can offer the both of them early parole from their horrible prison existence, as Rush stated earlier today.
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