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That's right. I'd forgotten they rarely do the massive airborne drop kind of ops anymore.
Might be time for a pilgrimage to Da Burgh, Brother! The one Market District that has all the products I mentioned is a relatively new one (4-5 yrs old) is at Settler's Ride off the freeway near Robinson. The Market District in Mt. Lebanon/Upper St. Clair has the Prime beef, just not all the other goodies.
Tinsldr: I too, worry about this turning into another Somalia. In fact, its my BIGGEST worry, next to infected soldiers coming back here. And if this WERE to turn into another Somalia, I get a chill just thinking about it. As messed up a President as Bubba was, I don't even want to IMAGINE the ROE put in place by MaoBama should such a situation repeat itself. All I need to confirm THOSE fears I can glean from seeing how this admin hung the guys in Benghazi out to dry during an active firefight.
Its mostly found in Asia. They're REALLY lean, & if not cooked correctly, very dry & stringy. Not the kind of chicken you buy to throw on the grill. Its better for roasting, braising or sauteing with sauces. They have an incredible depth of flavor that's hard to beat, though.
Ericynot Asked: "I like to cook, but am completely mediocre at it. Can't time anything properly, don't have the required "kitchen composure". How'd you learn to do it, and what inherent abilities are required?" I learned mostly by watching my Mom & shows on TV from the time I was 9. I'm a culinary school dropout, as I'd already been in the restaurant biz for 4 years already. I'm basically self-taught. You've got to know you're products. The best lesson for "Susie Homemaker" cooking is trial & error. That's not to say that you should go out & buy line caught Pacific sockeye salmon if you've never cooked salmon before. Buy Anthony Bourdain's "Les Halles Cookbook." Read it cover to cover. In usual Bourdain style, its more than just recipes. He explains, in detail, various techniques. Also in Susie Homemaker cooking, you don't have the time crunch that you do in any professional kitchen with a coke snotting, vodka swilling, Italian version of Gordon Ramsay (I'm describing my 1st chef, who actually put a cigarette out on a sous chef's hand for screwing something up) screaming at you & mother f-ing you to the high heavens. How do you like certain food? if you like a rare steak on the grill, & it weighs about a pound, you learn that it'll take about 10 mins (maybe a smidge more) to cook your beef. Then you have to let it rest for about 10 mins, to allow for "carry over cooking," which is when the still hot juice of the meat continues to cook it & then contracts back into the meat as it cools, thereby preserving those juices & that flavor. Taking into consideration all of that, start your side dishes accordingly. I know that my rice cooker will cook 3 cups of rice in about 15-20 mins. So I start it up before I even season my steak. Pasta salad takes about the same amount of time to cook, dressings take no time to make, & you need to refrigerate both. Its all trial & error. I recommend watching shows like Top Chef & reading "Food and Wine" magazine (I do both). Watch shows with REAL chefs. Set money aside & go eat at the "hot shat" new places. Soak up everything you can. Just keep at it. Eric Ripert didn't just wake up one day & become one of the best chefs in the world. Your Friend in Food, David Feel free to email me with any food questions you may have:
Well, since Calypso Louie KNOWS that the white man "invented" ebola to kill black folks, I guess that DOES make it a "racial" issue... :-)
It'd be funny if it weren't so damned serious, that's fo sho!!!
Yep. The Market District Giant Eagles carry it. Along with elk, venison, wild boar, rattlesnake, python (no bullshat), duck, goose, foie gras, black chickens, & Kurobota/Berkshire/Black Pearl pork. Going there on payday was ALWAYS a very dangerous thing for us to do!!!
Its mostly a varied crowd. Lots of middle aged people, professional types. Where in Memphis is your Mom from? I grew up in Germantown.
I'd agree if they were sending in units specialized in NBC. But here's a better question. Why're we sending the 101st to "fight" ebola & not to Iraq or Syria to kill those who'd CERTAINLY use infected people to wreak unparalleled havoc here at home as walking WMD's. You were in the Army. Certainly, there are units more capable of fulfilling this mission than a (basically) light infantry division. Yes, they have a rapid deployment & air drop capacity that's amazing. But this isn't the kind of application where a force like that is needed. This has been brewing for MONTHS in Africa. A conventional unit would be every bit as effective. Airborne troops do direct action raids, seize airfields etc. You can't tell me that USAMRIID doesn't have affiliated units that can fulfill this mission more effectively.
EXCELLENT POINT!!! I'd forgotten about that little bit of history.But, of course, according to the current cabal of regressives destroying our Republic, that's all part of our "racist" & "xenophobic" past. One of those historical "wrongs" that this "president" has sought to "make right" in some sort of lethally stupid fashion.
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