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In Government We Trust: The Progressive Religion

ghilgers Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 8:00 PM
How did it come to be that the conservative movement has decided it has a patent on Christianity? Not that I'm questioning the sacredness and sacremental quality of Derek Hunter comparing Democrats to hookers; I'm only questioning the copyright Christian fundamentalism, evangelicalism or nondenominationalism (all the same thing no matter what the fundies claim) seem to think they hold in terms of no one else even being allowed to be a Christian. People left outside this supposed ark may be feeling like the boy-robot in the movie, AI: "I wanna be a real boy" when clearly, as this authoritative article plainly states, no one can tread on these ubermenches of Christ without being plunged into Hell immediately. Sorry for the use of a German term for "Superman", but it's obvious such superhumans who have the ability to actually "know" they're going to Heaven, while the rest of us are left scratching our heads and operating on faith alone without any clues whatsoever. Christ, politicized, brought down to the level of the moneychangers, a castaway from the Pharasees, his life bargained for because Jewish officials, hand-picked by Roman conquerors, were afraid of provoking the warlike peoples occupying their nation, sold to the government for 30 pieces of silver, denied three times by his best friends, crucified on a cross or standard made of dead wood that would have been better used to make paper, pinned onto a graven image. Imagine that. The pretense of it. The sheer solipsism of Roman leaders making him into a joke, poking with the bullet-like head of a spear, bargaining for his clothing as if they were totemic as the skeleton of Peter recently discovered beneath the Vatican or the photographic memories of the tourists in Jerusalem. It's all for sale now, isn't it?