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The Obama Ogling Cop Killer Is Using Assault Weapons with High Capacity Mags

ghackney Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 10:35 AM
Can i say I love this guy? Doug G. of course. Anyone heard of the Bill of Needs? Outstanding! Now that is a term ALL progressives should use daily in their unending espousals(is that a woid?) Maybe espousings is a better newspeak word. George O. lives still! I'm just so happy there is someone that can edjumacate the great unwashed out here in de hinterlands before we all succumb to our emperor's decrees. Man am i tired of being bi-partisan!

Gun control zealots state that we (the serfs of Obamaland) shouldn’t have “assault weapons with high capacity magazines” because we don’t “need” them. And these wizards—who don’t know diddly about guns—know exactly what we need. Oh, yes they do, girlfriend.

If you don’t believe me just ask them. They’ll tell you what kind of guns you should and shouldn’t have even though their bodyguards and their children’s bodyguards have the exact battery that they forbid us to build.

“Why can they live in a dynamic state of duplicity,” you ask? Well, Dinky, it’s because they are more special than us...